Tag: <span>Comedy</span>

Playful swirls, light bouncy melodies, and comical brass effects make the majority of this piece a versatile choice for light-hearted, wholesome scenes. Moments of bright celebration are followed by sorrowful, pulsing reflection before the whole composition wraps up a joyful, vibrant homecoming.

Happy, chaotic, humorous family fun (0:00)Majestic, celebration (3:00)Sorrowful song (3:28)

    A classic pep-band tune, this work is great for any sort of athletic scene that features a marching band.   FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY.

Animation (0:00)Comedy (0:00)Family (0:00)

This work begins with a lighthearted melody (reminiscent of a bird’s chirps) which is bound to set a magical tone for any Fantasy-themed production. As the piece develops, a more sinister aura takes control. As the flutters begin to fade and a more serious melody comes into the spotlight, this work truly shows its versatility;…