As we accelerate into the digital age, Carl Fischer Music/Theodore Presser Company knows that it is important to adapt to the needs of professionals in our rapidly evolving industry. Through this brand new Licensing web-page, we have consolidated a variety of award-winning compositions into a one-stop-shop for music supervisors, clearance administrators, and other production industry professionals to find exactly the music you need for your projects.

With audio previews and a tagging system of over 1300 words, you can easily browse portions of our extensive catalogs to find the cinematic masterpiece your production is missing. As our catalogs grow and more & more of our hundreds of thousands of compositions become available for preview, our web-page will progress from a helpful resource to a truly invaluable component of your music supervision toolbox.

20th century 1800s Abstract Action Adventure Aggression Agitated Amazement Ambient anger angst Animation Anxiety Argument Battle Biblical Bravery Buildup Calm Celebration Chaotic Chase Chilling Christmas Climactic Comedy Confusion Countryside Creepy death Depressing Disaster Dream Eerie Epic Fairy tale Fantasy Fight Flying Frenzied Frightening Ghost Gloomy Grieving Halloween Haunting Heroic Holidays Horror Inspirational Intense Joyful Lonely Medieval Meditation Military Mourning Mystery Mystical New Age Panicked Patriotic Political Religious Romance Sacred Sad Sci-Fi Serene sorrow Sports Supense Supernatural Tragedy Turmoil Uplifting War Worry