Concerto Grosso

For Master Recording Licensing Inquiries: Albany Records, 915 Broadway, Albany, NY, 12207, 518-436-8814 FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. Artist: New Russia Orchestra - Album: Flagello, Gianni, Gould
  This work begins with a seafaring impression. This work is perfect for any scene with a boat or sailors, as the nautical intervals throughout the introduction provide an air of adventure and uncertainty. As the piece progresses, a tranquil ambiance will leave the audience feeling nostalgic and emotional. The augmented chords throughout the second half of the work tie together the tension of the introduction with the calmer and more spiritual center of the piece, after which the original nautical theme returns to bring the work full circle.
  • Adventure (00:00, (12:04);
  • Animation (00:00), (12:04);
  • Fantasy (00:00), (12:04);
  • Drama (4:14);
  • Mystery (4:14), (13:01);
  • Romance (4:14);
  • Documentary (4:14);
  • Film-Noir (4:14)