Concerto for Cello and Orchestra – III

For Master Recording Licensing Inquiries: Albany Records, 915 Broadway, Albany, NY, 12207, 518-436-8814 FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  A cheery and upbeat tune that moves to a darker and more suspenseful melody, only to reprise back to the joyful and energetic themes with which it started. This work is great for something like a christmas shopping scene, full of energy and spirit; while the middle sections of the work have more tension and anxiety to them.
  • Christmas (00:00), (5:04);
  • Adventure (0:45);
  • Comedy (0:19), (1:32), (2:06);
  • Mystery (1:45), (2:37);
  • Drama (1:45);
  • Thriller (1:32), (3:47), (4:30)