Tag: <span>Western</span>

This work is perfect for a variety of adventure and fantasy scenes. Whether fighting a storm at sea, or turbulence in the skies; this work will help your audience feel invigorated.

Playful (0:00)Happy (0:30)Western (2:50)Dance (2:50)Bright (4:50)Airy (4:50)Fun (4:50)Happy (4:50)

Pastoral (0:00)West (0:00)Playful (2:07)Dancing (2:07)Adventure (5:58)Joyous (5:58)Pleasant (8:31)Waltzing (8:31)Animated (12:45)Excited (12:45)

The first movement of Elie Siegmeister’s first piano sonata, which combines influences like jazz, blues, boogie woogie, and Western songs….

Great for history and western documentaries, as well as any other production featuring a march/parade scene. …

A symphonic work filled with many Western themes, this work is perfect for dramatic build ups and emotional reveals. With an Indiana Jones-reminiscent melody, this song provides a classic cinematographic atmosphere. …

Energetic (1:15)Triumph (1:15)Suspense (3:03)Foreboding (3:03)Action (1:50)Adventure, Fantasy (3:10)Sci-Fi (3:10)Western (3:10)Thriller (1:50)