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  A simple and comforting jazz chord progression accompanies a familiar holiday melody. The piano ballad pairs very nicely with the vocal lines, creating a merry yet calm atmosphere for any Christmas movie. Animation (00:00); Family (00:00); Musical (00:00); Romance (00:00); Christmas (00:00) FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY.

A classic and familiar song, this work is certain to bring good holiday cheer to your production. The iconic melody and lyrics of this household Christmas carol are sure to leave your audience feeling nostalgic and joyful all at the same time.

  This carol is perfect for any scene in your Christmas production. With a beautiful accompaniment and a vintage melody, this work is certain to bring a touch of holiday sentiment to your production. Christmas (00:00); Family (00:00); Musical (00:00) FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY.

A most recognizable classic, this work will add a dramatic and familiar atmosphere to any number of scenes. The famous and catchy lyrics & melody are sure to leave a strong impression in the minds of your audience members, and will most certainly add an air of grandeur to your production.

Adventure, Documentary, Family, Fantasy, History, Musical, Romance (2:59)

Arguably the most notorious of any Christmas Carol, Jingle Bells takes a catchy ear-worm turn in this old school advertisement themed rendition. Quite literally a “jingle,” your audience will be humming this work for days after hearing it in your Christmas-time production.

  Adding a swing feel to a classical traditional carol, this spiced up version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen will certainly bring a smile to your audience’s faces. A mixture of a historic melody and a casual jazzy vocal accompaniment, this rendition will add flavor to your Christmas-time production. Family (00:00); Musical (00:00); Christmas…

The classic modal feel of this work, paired with the secular vocal melody make this work perfect for fantasy movies set during Medieval times, adventure and animation movies of the same like, or even as an addition to a musical’s repertoire.

This work begins with a lighthearted melody (reminiscent of a bird’s chirps) which is bound to set a magical tone for any Fantasy-themed production. As the piece develops, a more sinister aura takes control. As the flutters begin to fade and a more serious melody comes into the spotlight, this work truly shows its versatility;…