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A classic and familiar song, this work is certain to bring good holiday cheer to your production. The iconic melody and lyrics of this household Christmas carol are sure to leave your audience feeling nostalgic and joyful all at the same time.

An emotional and lyrical ballad piece, this work will assuredly have your audience’s hearts swelling. Crystal Lake is an extremely cinematographic work, perfect for a multitude of scenes from dramatic reveals to chase scenes through reflective and sentimental moments. Adventure (00:00), (3:19), (3:30), (7:01); Animation (00:00), (1:51), (4:06); Fantasy (00:00), (0:47), (2:36), (4:06), (6:12); Family…

A most recognizable classic, this work will add a dramatic and familiar atmosphere to any number of scenes. The famous and catchy lyrics & melody are sure to leave a strong impression in the minds of your audience members, and will most certainly add an air of grandeur to your production.

Adventure, Documentary, Family, Fantasy, History, Musical, Romance (2:59)

The classic modal feel of this work, paired with the secular vocal melody make this work perfect for fantasy movies set during Medieval times, adventure and animation movies of the same like, or even as an addition to a musical’s repertoire.

  A magical work, saturated with fluttering wind runs and enthralling brass phrases, this piece is bound to instill a sense of wonder and excitement in your audience. An extremely versatile work, its many different progressions and constantly developing imagery can suit almost any scene, bringing fascination and a cinematic flare to your production; whether…